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1-On-1 Mentoring

1-On-1 Mentoring

Change. Now. This intense and immersive program will have you living life to the fullest. Khaled will be your ultimate wingman. He’ll even fly to your location, or you can fly to him. An expert guide to living life and attracting quality women. Personalized to your strengths and weaknesses. Customized to your wants and needs. This unique approach brings results fast.

  • Thrive in all social settings. Develop a way of living life that has you automatically taking action. Effectively engage her and everyone around her, wherever you end up meeting.
  • Strengthen your listening skills and deploy the high art of conversation. Be the leader who has everyone enjoying your stories, laughing at your jokes and hanging on your every word
  • Explore lounges, bookstores, networking events, activities such as wine tastings and even the supermarket. Your ideal women do not bar hop, and neither should you.
  • Walk away from her with no regrets. Decide for yourself if you want a relationship, and for how long.
  • Life means taking chances. Learn to risk, better.
  • Exploit your point of view. Boldly leverage what makes you interesting. Bring your confidence anywhere and everywhere.
  • Become proficient in dating while living the lifestyle of your dreams. Only then are you qualified to know when it should be allowed to develop into something more.

I’ve helped hundreds of men break their patterns of failure, define exactly the lifestyle they want to live, and attract the high quality women that fit their vision.

Your true self wants to shine through. No matter your history. No matter your income level. No matter where you have come from or what you have done. You can be the true man you have always envisioned. The leader who confidently takes risks and lives the life you imagine.

I will be your expert wingman, guiding you every step of the way. I will travel to you. Be by your side. Giving the you the techniques in real time. Showing you how to approach and evaluate every moment of your day. Insisting you live a successful life while demonstrating exactly how.

You can become the confident and dynamic man that will attract the women you dream of having.

Get in the game TODAY.

  • 1-on-1 specialized coaching tailored to your unique strengths, weaknesses and the fulfilling life you want to live.
  • Total life evaluation. Looking at the big picture and drilling down to the specific direction you must travel. Then we’ll walk it together.
  • Confidently manage all areas of your life. This is essential. How you show up to women is how you show up in life. Master your choice around women and you master life. All areas.
  • I’ll show you exactly how to present yourself, so you can blow through that first impression and have women appreciate who you really are. I may even have a female makeover specialist examine your home and go through your closets.
  • I’ll take you out. Demonstrate how to succeed in the obvious places like bars. Then we will explore specialized locations based on your interests. Quality women might pass your path just once. Be prepared anywhere, anytime, fully equipped.
  • Conversation starters. Ways to get yourself noticed. Active listening techniques. How to handle her hostile friend. I’ll be right there. Showing you how to use your core masculine confidence to go after what you want and get the girl. Period.
  • Methods of evaluation. Learn the secret question to find out if she’s worthy of your ongoing time and attention. How to walk away when she’s not.
  • Extended assistance. Got a flirty txt and you don’t know how to respond? Forward it to me and I’ll help you right then and there. About to go out with that hot woman you met last night? Let’s setup a quick call.

You will be amazed on how effortlessly you deploy your confidence. How easily you can walk up to anyone. How confidently you manage all areas of your life.

You can go from nothing and nowhere to dating high quality women in days. Your life will finally be ready to welcome the woman of your dreams, for however long you want her.

Khaled Jurdi
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(480) 359 4555

“Simple! I have been to a few classes and been out with Khaled twice and the results so far – A phone number, a kiss and a follow up outing with a gorgeous woman that I could approached at a bar! The confidence in myself is soaring, and hey I am learning how to socialize with everyone and anyone. All of this translates into having the time of my life!” ~ Andrew, CEO