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I know that getting any woman you want is rewarding. Yet I view achieving success with women as far beyond this goal. It’s a journey of self-development and SELF-MASTERY. This is why I encourage “authentic seduction” focused on creating your ideal lifestyle that your ideal women want to join. That’s why I created Social Seduction. I know it can help you:

  • Attract beautiful amazing women to your lifestyle.
  • Create dynamic social and professional relationships.
  • Eliminate fear. Whether approaching women or life, do so with confidence.
  • Influence people with integrity so that everyone wins.
  • Discover the clarity and purpose that drives your deeper self.
  • Own the tools and mindset that will allow you to be, do, or have ANYTHING in life you desire.

I have a vision for a tribe of men, standing by each other, shoulder-to-shoulder. Keeping each other accountable for living a purposeful life. Men who empower each other to contribute to their communities and establish healthy relationships.

In today’s modern world, the role of men has been diminished. We are no longer needed as the providers and protectors that nature once demanded. We often struggle with how our natural masculinity should “properly” be expressed.

We begin to compromise. At its most extreme, we cease to be men. We retreat into neediness. Where we live desperate for approval. Unable to achieve success with both women and life.

It’s no wonder that women are turned off by what men have become. It’s no surprise that we’re not living the invigorating life we imagine.

When a man lives as a doormat, constantly seeking approval, no one can trust him. No one can ever be sure what he really thinks, what he will really do, and who he really is; when all he ever offers is not based on himself, but instead on what he thinks someone else wants.

Women want to feel secure. It’s their natural instinct, just as protecting women is ours. If all women see is a man who settles, who gives up their pride and won’t defend their dignity, then they can never feel secure. They will never trust this man.

It’s easy to learn tricks and techniques for attracting women. Social Seduction is about attracting your high quality ideal women and forming a relationship with the one you really want.

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