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Building Your Social Circle

Create a Life Style You Always Wanted

No Excuse for Boring

No matter your interest, our world is a playground. Real men embrace the explorer’s spirit. We actively seek to challenge our physical limits, expand our knowledge and increase our understanding of the world we inhabit. When we encounter beautiful women at social events, we don’t have to wonder at what to say. We merely speak of what we do.

No one enters this world so naturally dynamic. As men, we must make the choice to be men. No one is going to make it for us.


I’m inviting you to make that choice now.



Building a Social Circle from the Ground Up

Sat July 27th 9am to 4pm
lunch will be served on site

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This full day workshop will kick start your social life

and show you how to build an active social circle.

  • Discover how a social network creates opportunity now and in your future.
  • Learn to strengthen the bonds of friendship and why they really matter.
  • Acquire the means to build a network that supports your life, your happiness and your goals.

Together with The Attraction Studio we will work with you to discover and break down those barriers stopping you from living the full and active life you deserve.

This workshop is about far more than dating beautiful women. We will dig deep into how to build the full life that naturally attracts the women of your dreams.


In this one day seminar we will answer these questions:

  1. What opportunities can having a dynamic social circle create?
  2. How all your current relationships will be enhanced? Especially your relationship with yourself.
  3. Why is the effort to build a social circle worth it?
  4. Why you would ever think being social is fun if it never has been before now?
  5. How social networking in all forms will serve you in your career. Including Social Media.
  6. How to put yourself in the right place at the right time to meet the women of your dreams.
  7. How to create instant value for people that they become enticed to be your friend and invite you to their social circle.

We will cover how to building your social circle in these areas:

●  Among Friends  ●  Through Hobbies  ●  Getting Involved in Interest groups  ●  Social Media  ●  Social Settings  ●  Everyday Life Situations ● Business Networking Events ● And more

We will cover the long term pay off for investing in social circle skills:

● Personal development as a man ● Self respect and esteem ● Core Values & Confidence to live them   ● Deeply Intimate Relationships and Sex ● Mental and Physical Wellness ● Social Circles

Whether you are just getting started, or are already proficient in dating, don’t lose track of your overall goals. Always aim your vision high.


Live Your Dream Life &

Attract Your Ideal Woman

Become the Man You Always Want To Be!