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Coaching Sessions

One on One Coaching

Are you the kind of man who is over all successful, knows what you want and won’t settle until you have it?

Are you tired of reading or hearing about advice that when you go out and try, it doesn’t work?

Do you feel frustration when you go out and see beautiful women hanging out with other guys and wonder why not you?

Don’t worry, I feel your frustration. I was there once too.

I did what society asked me to do. I graduated from college with an Engineering degree, I started a lucrative business. I  bought a two story house in an upscale neighborhood. I got in a good shape, and of course I was driving sports cars. Yet my ideal woman did not show up.

In the past, I found myself in two long term relationships. Yes, “I Found Myself.” Though I chose to be in these relationships yet my choice was out of lack of choice. Basically, the women though they were beautiful and wonderful, yet they chose me and I went along with it.

See, if you are a high achiever like me, then you know how it feels when you go for anything less than your full potential. It’s dis-empowering. And I wasn’t willing to settle no more for anything less than what I deserve. A high caliber woman that is as beautiful from the outside as from the inside who challenges me everyday to become the man I always want to be.

So just like a mad scientist, I started researching on what make women feel attracted to men. I started reading whatever books I could find on the topic, seeking advice from guys who are naturally good at attracting women, and spending thousands of dollars on personal development seminars.

But wait, I did not stop there. Research is not enough. I had to test it out. I started going out two to three times a week to bars and clubs, approaching women at malls, grocery stores, coffee shops, business networking events, and trying anything that promised results. The whole world became my laboratory.

I hanged on to the things that worked, while the majority that did not work I let go of.


It finally all clicked. I started dating very attractive women reliably and consistently to a point that I started enjoying being single!

My friends started seeing me with different women and wanted me to help them. I started helping my friends and they started seeing results for themselves in which they started referring their friends to me. It came to a point where I was getting so many men they want my help that I dedicated two hours every week on Fridays a free meetup to teach men my proven system.

However, some men do not want to waist time learning on their own and want to get results fast so they offered to pay me for my service.

So  I compiled all what worked into a reliable proven Step by Step System where anyone can learn and have success. Yes including YOU.

Since 2010 I have been working with men one on one helping them get results in dating women they never thought possible and in the process transform their lives.  So can you.

Regardless of your looks, tall or short, how much money you make, the color of your skin, your ethnic background, your accent, My proven the system works. and I wish I had it way back then it would have saved years of pain and suffering.

Today, though I am in a fulfilling relationship with an amazing woman that I am in love with and she is in love with me, I have the previdge and honor to travel all over the United States and lead seminars in personal development, leadership and communication including corporate training. That would have never happened if I did not go through this journey of personal transformation.

Many times, our insecurities are a blessing in disguise. If we commit to transforming it.


Why should you hire me?

Studies have proven that you learn 10% of what you hear, 65% of what you hear and see, and 90% of what you hear, see and DO.


With my experience on the field interacting with people and other men like you, along with my background in NLP and other transformative learning technologies, I can help you meet, attract and date your ideal woman in 90 days. Or your money back!

Whether it’s in person, over the phone or on Skype I’ll be your personal wing-man. I’ll show you how to:

  • Approach any woman you want to meet, regardless how beautiful she is, and WALK AWAY WITH HER PHONE NUMBER.
  • Carry on conversations like a pro. Conversations that move things forward. No more wondering WHAT TO SAY NEXT.
  • Become a master influencer. ESTABLISH INSTANT TRUST and emotional connection that she look forward to see you again.
  • OVERCOME FEAR OF REJECTION. Eradicate limiting beliefs holding you back from being the man you always want to be.
  • Learn how to ask effective questions that are designed to elicit positive states which will MAKE HER SMILE as she thinks of you.
  • You don’t consider yourself funny? no problem. Learn to MAKE A WOMAN LAUGH without telling jokes or acting like a clown.
  • Naturally escalate physical touching without making her feel uncomfortable. Stop falling in the “FRIEND ZONE.”
  • Discover your deeper sense of self, including your life purpose, and own your core masculine power. NO MORE MR NICE GUY.
  • Know when a WOMAN IS READY TO BE KISSED and how to go for the kill, without creating an awkward moment.
  • Send effective text messages that will keep her thinking of you. Also learn WHEN TO CALL and how to setup a next date.
  • BEST PLACES FOR FIRST DATES that are much more cost effective than dinner and distinguishes you as an interesting fun guy.
  • Tried internet dating? I’ll help you CREATE A COMPELLING PROFILE and emails that are guaranteed to get you response.
  • Own the tools and mindset that will allow you to be, do, or have THE LIFESTYLE you always desired.

I’ll even fly to your location, or you can fly to me.  Providing live 1-on-1 training out in the field interacting live with women, personalized to your strengths and weaknesses. This unique approach “Learn By Doing” brings results fast.

Move from resigned and dreaming of “Someday it will Happen to Me” to truly being intentional and choose to “I am Going to Make it Happen.” We are not getting any younger, so why wait? Every moment passes won’t come back. Now is the time!

Send me an email at and start living life powerfully with your ideal woman you deserve. Be part of a growing tribe of men who offer support to each other, and always have your back.

Whether you are looking for becoming proficient at casual dating or be in a long term relationship. In my couching program you will get the approaches that work. The ones to avoid. And how to attract the women you most desire, to the lifestyle you are living.

You will learn:

  • How to BUILD AND EXPAND YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE and become a high value man that other men look up to and women desire.
  • Proper non-verbal communication including body language and vocal tonality that communicate all the right things. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, IT’S HOW YOU SAY IT.
  • Stop putting women on a pedestal and learn how to carry yourself as a high status man.
  • Dress to Impress in a style that fits YOUR PERSONALITY. Create a powerful first impression without spending an arm and a leg.
  • Three simple habits for BOOSTING YOUR CONFIDENCE and attaining high self esteem that impact your career and finances.
  • How to meet women at any social event including business networking events, malls, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and clubs, gym, you name it.
  • How to be the social man that brings people together through learning the art of effective social dynamics.
  • Discover and avoid mistakes you’ve done in past relationships and create fulfilling relationships on YOUR TERMS.
  • Gain clarity about what you must have in a relationship and the essential qualities of YOUR IDEAL WOMAN.
  • The best places for you to meet your ideal woman and HOW TO APPROACH HER (its not where you think).
  • What you must do differently when you first meet a woman if you want more than just a short term fling.
  • How do you choose your woman, instead of being resigned to her choosing you.
  • She’s a visual communicator. You’re an auditory communicator. Discover how to speak her language to create instant rapport.
  • Never wonder what to say next. Powerful communication tools to keep conversation moving forward with little for you to say.
  • Become a great Listener. The biggest turn on for women. Period.
  • Put yourself in an empowered state, no matter how tired you may feel, or where you are, at a snap of a finger.
  • Specific techniques that eliminate the emotional pain holding you back from being the man you always want to be.
  • Learn positive habits that communicate a modern sense of chivalry that turn women on and come across as a gentleman.

Here is some of what we will be doing in your coaching session.

I’ve helped hundreds of men break their patterns of failure, define exactly the lifestyle they want to live, and attract the high quality women that fit their vision. It’s your life. You chose how to live it. Schedule your free strategy session today!


“Simple! I have been to a few classes and been out with Khaled twice and the results so far – A phone number, a kiss and a follow up outing with a gorgeous woman that I could approached at a bar! The confidence in myself is soaring, and hey I am learning how to socialize with everyone and anyone. All of this translates into having the time of my life!” ~ Andrew, CEO