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Distinguishing Yourself From The Average Guy

Most guys are regular guys... average, frustrated, and desperate to meet a woman who likes him. Don't be like them. Seriously. Here's how to distinguish yourself from the average frustrated guy—without being "fake"...

How to Distinguish Yourself From The Average Guy

How to Distinguish Yourself From The Average Guy

Most guys are regular guys… average, frustrated, and desperate to meet a woman who likes them.
Don’t be like them.

Showing disinterest, disapproval, or false disqualification are some ways where you can distinguish yourself from these mediocre average guys in the eyes of a woman you are interested in.

Here are some ways you can demonstrate disinterest, along with using your body language, facial expressions, and eye contact. For example, if she drops a glass of water or trips while walking, you can shake your head in disapproval or roll your eyes with a sly smile.

That sub communicates that she is a clutz and you find it a bit annoying dealing with her and maybe even embarrassing being out with her in public. It is fun, it is something women are not used to by most men, and it creates a sense of challenge that women love!

These are non-verbal signs that say “You’re such a dork.” You can even say this verbally: “Geez, I can’t take you anywhere with me” or “Do I need to keep an eye on you?”

It’s very important to stay non-reactive and not be bitter. Be careful not to go backward in the interaction or start a teasing competition. If you’re already past that staged, just keep it subtle.

For example if you already established your value before by being the challenge, teasing and having fun and now you are in the trust and rapport stage, don’t take the interaction backwards by start teasing her every time she says something , that will throw her off and set yourself back.

Avoid expecting a reaction from her by pausing the interaction and looking for a response from her. “Drop and hop.” That’s my slogan for teasing women. You drop your smart ass comment and transition to “anyways…” or “scratch your throat” or look up and start whistling, celebrating your coolness. All that means drop your tease and continue with the interaction without being attached to her reaction.

It’s very important to stay non-reactive and not be bitter. Be careful not to go backward in the interaction or start a teasing competition. If you’re already past that stage, just keep it subtle.

Remember to keep it fun and light. Here is an example of a false disqualifier: “You and I are too similar. We have a lot in common. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because we’ll be fighting all the time. It’s a good thing because we’ll have great makeup sex. But again, we’ll be fighting all the time, and I’m not sure if I want to live with emotional turmoil with you.”

Another way to show false disqualification is by saying to a woman that she is “too nice”. Women actually usually say that to guys that they’re not interested in. Do you remember a time a woman told you “You know, you are really nice guy, BUT… I don’t think of you that way…” and follow it up with LJBF “let’s just be friends” ouch!

Most attractive women come across as very closed off or “bitchy” but they’re really not. They put this shield up to weed out the losers and average needy guys from approaching her: guys that tell her how beautiful she is, how awesome she is and ask if they can buy her a drink or take her out to dinner.

She’s heard this over 100 times already that night, so she’s developed an effective way to quickly and effectively terminate these guys. Since she isn’t going to get to know every single dude that approaches her, she puts out this aura of “don’t talk to me.” Or “F Off.”

It is really time management at its best!

And is understandable. When she rejects a typical guy, he walks away upset, and his friends might tell him not to worry about it since “she’s just a bitch” and joke about it to make him feel better.

But it may leave a burning sensation inside of him one way or another. Some guys will even tell a girl to her face that she’s a bitch or even lamer, they tell her that she is a lesbian.

However hot women are used to hearing this from average frustrated guys and it will bounce right off of them. When a typical guy approaches a woman, offering her a drink in exchange for her time spent with him, she might accept it, but deep down she devalues him as a low status man.

Teasing can be confused with insults, and that is not what you want. Teasing is light and fun, and innocent. It is an adult version of pulling a girl’s pony tail on the play ground. Except if you do it as an adult she might call the Police.

When teasing, target something about her that is changeable in a short period of time. You can lightly pocking fun of her tool box purse, or a piece of jewelry, her comfortable shoes, or her bird nest hair. A bad example of teasing is telling a woman she is fat and needs to work out. That’s an insult not a tease. Avoid height, age, weight, and looks. Anything that she doesn’t have control on in a reasonably short term avoid it at all costs.

Why teasing?

Teasing reverses the frame that you are the prize and she is the pursuer. It creates some tension which is something women are addicted to you.

Most guys seek approval from hot women. When you tease a woman, you are sub communicating that you don’t care for her approval, and matter of fact you are taking it a step further, by communicating that you find her a bit annoying.

That shows that you are pre-selected by other women and are used to having attractive women around you. That’s why you don’t care for her approval and her attention. Just make sure not to stop and wait for a response after you tease her.

Just continue with your topic. This says that this is your reality and you are unattached to the outcome. After you tease her, she might try to gain control back by pounding you with a series of interview questions, or asking you to do something for her. The minute you fall for that, she’ll toss you like a ribbon at a fair fest. I don’t know what that means by the way, it just at the spare of the moment ;)

Saying to an attractive woman that she is too nice is actually what women usually say to guys that they’re not interested in.

A tease is a way to qualify a woman, and show that she is failing to meet your standards. The more attractive she is the more she’ll respond to it.

Again, don’t go overboard. Two or three teases at the most. If she is less attractive, don’t even try it because she is probably insecure and may take it personally and back fire at you.

For example, “I really like your purse; my mom had one of those”. Or “I like your dress, these are getting popular, I saw a lady wearing one like it yesterday” Women hate to be similar to other women. You got the point?

Good. Because after you get them in the state of vulnerability, you can start appreciating their qualities other than their looks. Now you and her are on the same level of value; she’s off the pedestal that society put her on and down to reality of being a normal human being where you can communicate on an interpersonal level.

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