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Where To Meet Women

Women are everywhere, but the type of woman you desire affects where you should go to meet theme. Here are the best places to meet women...

Where To Meet Women

Where To Meet Women

If you want to meet a QUALITY woman, it’s important that you know the kind of women you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for a party girl go to clubs. For intelligent girls, go to coffee shops and bookstores. For spiritual fit women, try yoga studios and spin classes at the gym.

Target those specific venues and have standards for who you are looking for.

The club is a good place to practice but don’t expect to find a girlfriend there.

Present yourself well for the type of woman you want. Dress well; take care of your skin, no choppy hands, clean cut, and clothes that match.

If you’re looking for a stripper or party girl, you’ll be dressing more outlandishly (dark, gothic, and wear chains for stripper and Ed Hardy for a party girl) than if you want a well-educated, sophisticated. Classy woman. Dress to the environment you’re in.

Places To Meet Women

Here are a few places you can easily meet women:

Bars And Clubs

Advantages: abundance of women, good practice, and great place to make mistakes as the interaction doesn’t hold much meaning.

Disadvantages: Need advanced skills, not taken seriously, loud, crowded, not going to find a girlfriend there.

Social Networking (through friends):

(Attending parties, meeting women through friends, being social.)

Advantages: you are socially proven by common friends, plus women feel there is a natural sense of safety and comfort.

Disadvantages: most women come with their friends and claim they are not there to meet people (although deep down are open to the possibility), you got to play it smooth and laid back otherwise you might risk things becoming weird with the common friend as the word goes around.


Advantages: Easy, convenient, selective, schedule multiple meetings in one day, more time to think of a response.

Disadvantages: You have to prove your value enough to make her feel safe (more work), some guys are too aggressive and falsely assuming that the woman is desperate just because of the fact she’s online.

Everywhere throughout your day

(Unless you’re in a monastery or prison, women are everywhere.)

Advantages: Getting comfortable talking to people (not just women), forms the habit of being social, and most likely you won’t see them again.

Disadvantages: More social pressure approaching strangers (stranger danger!), you don’t have much time to get to know each other, and you have to be always ready to meet women as you go with your day.

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