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On Being The Prize

Women want to find a quality man just as much as men want to find a quality woman. Here's how to become the "prize" in her eyes...

On Being The Prize

On Being The Prize

The norm in our culture is that women are the prize and men try to win their approval. This indirectly communicates that women have more power or value than men do.

Therefore, when you reverse this dynamic, she will initially feel a sense of powerlessness, because she isn’t used to this kind of interaction. In order to get her power back, she will start touching you.

The key is to keep up this frame all the way, without falling for her touching.

Most guys, at the first opportunity that she touches them, will grab on to her and start touching her back. That’s when she feels that she “got you” and she has regained the power she lost. This causes her to lose interest and walk away.

The key is to keep up this frame all the way, without falling for her touching. 

This leaves men confused and frustrated, since all they did was reciprocate her touching, thinking that by doing so they are being fair. However, what she is thinking is completely different: she is testing you to see if you are the real deal.

Instead of touching her back, you could accuse her of being aggressive and trying to pursue you. This will increase the tension, so she will feel like she has to realize it by giggling it, laughing, or playfully hitting you. This is part of flirting back and forth with a woman.

If she says she has nothing to say back to you, her last card is usually touching. That is her last weapon in order to regain her powers and return to being the prize.

Learning how to flirt and outwitting any woman is a key to attraction, and fortunately it is a skill that can be learned. Attraction is not living up to her standards and seeking her approval; attraction is merely stimulating a woman emotionally to chase you.

The major keys for attraction her are challenging her and qualifying her based on personality traits rather than looks.

Challenging a woman causes her to qualify herself to you, and anytime you challenge a woman to qualify herself to you, that ignites attraction within her, subconsciously.

She will try to seek validation from you and prove that her value is higher than yours. So the more energy she puts into this the more attracted she becomes. Human beings appreciate things they have to work hard for, and that is the main idea behind this concept.

How do you know that you are being the prize?

If she giggles when you talk, if she’s calling or texting you, trying to meet up with you, pretty much all the stuff that typical guys do when they chase a woman.

You can also take risks such as when woman tells you that NASCAR is the stupidest sport on earth and you actually do like NASCAR, you make sure to tell her that she has no taste in sports, and your relationship might not work out. That will get her either to hate you or to love you, but never “just friends.”

Most men will also try to hide their reality to seek her reality, or worse, fit their reality into the woman’s by agreeing with everything they say, or seeking rapport.

For example, if a woman says “I like to travel” most guys will say “Oh me too, I love to travel!” instead of nonchalantly responding “Cool, so where have you been?” without making a big deal about it.

The frame of being the prize is taking those risks which demonstrate that you couldn’t care less if she likes you.

After you demonstrate that you are a prize and a man of higher value, that is when you take risks like being vulnerable about your emotions or lack of success in a certain area of your life. For example, you can make fun of the way your house is disorganized.

 The frame of being the prize is taking those risks which demonstrate that you couldn’t care less if she likes you. 

It’s a risk that will get her to relate to you better as a real person who is not afraid to grow and work on himself.

Most guys are intimidated by women who approach them or show interest. They immediately become needy and fear messing up their chances and become on their best behaviors. They start seeking her approval that will immediately turn her off and they will lose their chances.

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