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October 11, 2011   Posted by: Calid

Why Its Better Going To A Bar Or Club Alone

Here’s some tips that will help you any time you want to go out to a bar or club by yourself (which can be a great thing to do):


Going out alone could be intimidating, I get it. Having to leave your cozy home and your favorite TV show or video game and throw yourself in an unfamiliar environment among strangers could be uncomfortable. However, once you get the hang of it, you will be rewarded beyond you can imagine, and here is why?

First: when you go out alone, you don’t have your friends with you to hang out with them and be comfortable. You are there on a mission, and that is meeting people, which will push you outside of your comfort zone and have you approach women and practice your social skills and develop your confidence. You are developing your hunter skills that is genetically programmed inside of you but been forgotten and repressed by years of social conditioning.

Second: since you are not like every other guy at the bar or club hanging in wolf packs and staring at women, you will come across as a free spirit and a bit mysterious to women. Also, a woman wants to experience at least once in her life being approached by that mysterious guy that she knows very little about and was able to sweep her off her feet and wake up the next day he is gone with the wind! (Romance novels 101)

Third: If your friends don’t get it when it comes to attracting women, they will hinder your success beyond you can imagine. They will unintentionally cock block you and step on your toes. They will be interrupting you, busting your balls in front women you are talking to rather than raising your value, and they will be hitting on your woman in front of you, which she will feel uncomfortable and unsafe to the woman, and eject herself.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know more about the benefits of going out alone, I have it all laid down to you in details in my best seller e-Book “The Attraction Code” which you can purchase.

Now let’s get to the HOW?


    • Warm up by talking on your phone joking around with your buddies while you are driving to the venue. That will put you in an up state where you are social and fun.
    • If you drop by a gas station to put gas or buy gum, pick the People Magazine or one of those gossip magazines and skim through it. Have couple of highlighted drama topics to talk about while at the venue. Remember women love drama!
    • Get to know the staff, bartenders, bouncers, waitresses, ect. Get the bouncer’s name ask him how he is doing and offer to buy him a drink. Usually they are not allowed to accept drinks from customers but he will appreciate your gesture and remember you next time you come in. Next time you come to the venue he will accommodate you by not make you wait in line. Also calling you with your first name in-front of your date will give you bonus points with her. Social proof!
    • Don’t go straight for the bar or bathroom when you first walk in the venue; talk to the first group of people you see first! Tell them how is it going? Is every body having a good time? Throw a Hi5 introduce yourself and walk to the next group. They will either think you own the club, or you are on staff or a manager, which is good.
    • Never stand alone scanning the room, it is creepy and lower your social status. Always be in group talking with people don’t wait around or hesitate!
    • Make sure you tip well. Make friends with the bartender or the waitress and she will make sure to take care of you when you are with a woman.
    • If you are not talking to people, walk as if you are on a mission, trying to find somebody, until you see the first group of people and boom approach them!
    • Don’t stand around with your drink in front of your chest being a wallflower, your drink belongs on your side. Keep your body opened, it demonstrates that you are approachable and confident.
    • Meet different groups of people, and merge them together by introducing them to each other. If you just met a group of people and introduced them to the group you met prior, they are not going to investigate if you knew them for a long time. When you are giving value, its all good!
    • Mixed groups of men and women are ideal to talk to when you’re by yourself. ALWAYS introduce yourself to the guys first. Its a sign of respect to the men and if you are cool to them they will accept you in the group and will introduce you to the single women. Many times you will be doing him the dude a favor by being a good wing-man occupying his girl’s friends.
    • Disqualifying yourself as a suitor in a mixed group is ideal. First by addressing the whole group and not directing your conversation to the women you are interested in.
    • Tease the woman you are interested in by saying stuff to her friends like “Is she always like that?” or “How do you roll with this girl?” That way her friends will feel comfortable and know you aren’t hitting on their friend and she will be challenged to get your approval and attention.
    • Always always, ask how everyone in the group know each other. It is a great way to know the dynamics of the group, who is with who, who is single who is taken, ect. Also sometimes they will get to share how they met which will bring the energy and the bond of the group together and they will relate that to you.
    • Avoid slow venues where everyone can see you by yourself. Target busy environments where you can approach plenty of people.
    • Never be the bar fly sitting at the bar drinking by yourself unless you want to be left alone.
    •  Again, always be in a conversation with people. It will raise your social value in front of women that you will be approaching throughout the evening.
    • Have fun, smile, and enjoy yourself.


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  1. What Women Want
    Aug 08, 2013

    You actually make it seem not that hard along with your demonstration on the other hand in discovering this condition to get truly an issue that I do think I had by no means have an understanding of. Seems like as well complicated and intensely substantial for me personally. I am just looking ahead of time inside your up coming release, I’m going to attempt to find the suspend than it!

  2. Abu fahad
    Dec 24, 2013

    Hay khaled,
    I’m impressed by your text, I can sense some expertise in what u have written, I normally don’t write comments but this time I felt compelled to do it and I’m not an outgoing person either, I wanna mention that your strategy works best if a guy has the courage to do what u mentioned.

  3. mel
    Feb 22, 2014

    This is the worst advice ever, i got to the bar all the time and choose to go alone, i always sit at the bar alone, even when its not crowded and still pick up at least 5 numbers a night and that’s without trying. the bartenders take bets to see how long it takes, then when i’m approached i pretty much whisper to the bartender how i’m going to hell because yet another night of awesome. guys come up ” are you hear by yourself” of course i am, trying to watch the game you a fan of football, hockey? what brings you out tonight? the trick is to not try so hard.

  4. Curious Reader
    Apr 26, 2014


    There is an assumption here that a positive response will be elicited by engaging these various groups you run into at a bar. I think the more likely response will be “who are you?” and “why are you talking to us?” I think it is human nature to be put off by the “other” than has uninvitingly entered the fray of “the group.”

  5. Joseph
    Oct 12, 2014

    This is blasphemous. I’ve been out alone, many many times. It’s a tough sell, and I’ve never been rewarded for it once. More than likely, you will end up simply standing (if you aren’t fortunate enough to get a stool) like a deer in the headlights, feeling awkward and out of place, and spending money for no reason. I don’t mean to brag, but I am a very handsome guy with a refreshing personality and charisma, and regardless, going out alone is social suicide. You need friends with you to parlay off of. Call it shallow, but its the truth. Keep in mind, even if you are confident and versatile enough to handle being by yourself, that doesn’t mean that the women you will try to meet are the same way. At best, you will strike up a few small convos and thats it. Also, there are implications in this article that you already know the bartender. Well, that doesn’t constitute going out alone. Knowing the bartender is the best possible scenario to go out in. But, that is not alone. ALONE, is alone…

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